about gina

Thanks for visiting my site! I reside in central Indiana with my husband and our four kids. When the number of kids outweigh the adults in the house, you can imagine how we spend our time (running kids around to activities!!) I took the plunge into the photography industry in 2004, and haven't looked back. My passion lies in photographing children in a candid, innocent, and colorful way, and I love to exhibit their wild side. Having four children (ages 2 to 11) I understand the chaos that kids can bring to the table. I am very laid-back with my approach and very patient. Most clients comment on the clarity, color, and sharpness of my photos, and I pride myself in always showing the best images I can for the job that I am hired for. I pay close attention to detail : whether it's a cool button or embroidery on a dress, or the gorgeous and enviable lashes on a little boy .... whatever needs to be brought to life in the photo is what I go after. By default, I spend my days watching how light falls across a person's face and envisioning how it would look when the shutter is pushed. Some may say I'm obsessed with what I do. I say I'm lucky to have fallen into a career that has transformed the entire way my mind looks at the world.

If you are looking for family or child portraits, please visit my children and family site at Piper+Claire